ALI Group | website on mobile | Devotion

A loan and mortgage protection insurance portal for independent and corporate brokers.

ALI Group.

The challenge.

The solution.

Services performed:

  • UX research and design
  • UI design
  • Technical consulting, architecture and development
  • Ongoing support and performance optimisation
  • Transformation strategy
  • UX strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Data strategy

The results.

As the project was a portal-based, analytics and access are restricted.
An optimised user experience.
Enhanced broker satisfaction.
Faster quote times.
Ongoing process of platform enhancement based on user feedback.
ALI Group | responsive web design on desktop, tablet and mobile | Devotion
ALI Group | website pages on desktop and tablet | Devotion
ALI Group | responsive Application Dashboard on laptop and mobile | Devotion
ALI Group | website pages for mobile | Devotion
ALI Group | customer information and contact details pages | Devotion
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