A lead generation program utilising social, organic search, and paid search to drive new customer enquiries.
Fleetcare | Fleetcare marketing analytics dashboard on mobile, tablet and laptop | Devotion

The background.

The challenge.

The solution.

How we helped.

The results.

42% increase in total conversions for paid search (SEM).

10% reduction in cost per conversion for paid search (SEM).
109% increase in novated showroom leads in paid social.
236% increase in operating lease leads in paid social.
11% increase in organic web leads (SEO).
27% increase in organic total clicks (SEO).
Paid search and paid social compare June 2019 to August 2019 with the previous 3-month period. SEO compares May 2019 to August 2019 with the previous 4-month period.
Fleetcare | Fleetcare digital marketing analytics dashboard on laptop | Devotion
Fleetcare | Fleetcare social media pages on laptop and smartphone | Devotion
Fleetcare | Responsive website on laptop, tablet, and smartphone | Devotion
Devotion take the complex process of building a highly engaging digital presence and make it simple. They do this by taking the time to truly understand our business’s strategic goals, personas, customer journeys, products and services.
Kate Walker | Marketing & Brand Manager | Fleetcare.
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