Entire Travel Group.

A rebrand and new digital platform that champions a best-in-class customer experience and drives conversion.
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The background.

The challenge.

The solution.

How we helped.

The results.

2,042% increase in users.

2,849% increase in page views.
39% increase in pages per session.
75% increase in average session duration.
1,841% increase in organic search traffic.
8% decrease in bounce rate.
Best Customer Success Winner
in the 2019 Kentico Site of the Year Awards.
Data compares two months post-launch (01 Dec 2019 - 31 Jan 2020) with two months prior to launch (01 Oct 2019 - 30 Nov 2019).
Entire Travel Group gallery image showing the website on a variety of devices.
Entire Travel Group gallery image showing the website on an iPad
Entire Travel Group gallery image showing the Maldives on both an iPad and mobile phone
Kentico has proven itself to be the reliable and cost-effective solution we required at Entire Travel Group. We were very impressed with the extensive functionality, particularly the additional marketing solutions to support the website. The software was the first step, however without the right partner we could not have achieved our objectives. From day one, the Team at Devotion carefully considered our business needs, they analysed our industry and competitors, designed a very attractive website and built a solid platform from which our business can grow and expand in the future. We’ve had fantastic feedback from our B2B travel agent customers, including comments like ‘fast and easy to use’ and ‘finally a website built by travel people for travel people’. At Entire Travel Group we are very confident in our partnership with the Kentico platform managed by the team at Devotion.
Brad McDonnell | CEO | Entire Travel Group.
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Entire Travel Group gallery image showing a variety of site images on 3 mobile phones, side by side
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